Apple Creek United Methodist Church
269 W. Main St, P. O. Box 265, 
Apple Creek Ohio 44606, Phone 330-698-3101,

Pastor Kenn Curren
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  Interesting letter from Mr. Lee E. Martz of Bluffton Indiana.  (Likely written in the late 1800s)

Yours of recent date came to me
and how my mind runs back to childhood days at "Edinburgh," sometimes called "Soap-town," (Note: A family in Edinburgh made and sold soap).

When I, at the age of 7 years, attended Sabbath School in the old white church that stood on the hill. Rev. Joseph S. Wylie was the pastor, and Isaac Burnett was my Sunday School teacher ,and he expounded (he Scripture lesson in such "theological language," that was more fitting for an advanced class of Bible students. He certainly knew his Bible well, but as a shepherd placed the hay in the rack entirely out of the reach of such lambs as Will Wylie, Henry Rider, John Smur, John Dunn, myself and others.

I well remember our Sunday dress. It consisted of heavy, coarse muslin shirt, tow linen trousers, home-made platted straw hat with a rather wide green ribbon for a band. That was the whole summer outfit, and we were as proud of it as the today sixteen year old miss is of her Easter head sombrero.

Those were the days of the long communion tables and no one was allowed to put his feet under that sacred spread until he or she had procured from the "Chief Guy" a token, (it looked to me like a lead nickel) that was to be given to an inspector before they were allowed to seat themselves, to obey the Divine command, "Do this in remembrance of Me." In my mind I can see the Dunlaps, Smiths, Nolands, Johnsons, Smedleys, Dills, Langells, Orrs, old father Tippen, the Cooks, Browns, and a host of others bring their families to church, walk down the aisle to the seat they occupied, the father step aside, all the family enter, seated together with "Dad" in the end, and remain until the doxology was sung.

Many changes have come since the
n. Some for the better, some for worse. The ten commandments, and shorter catechism the children had to learn, without meaning to them then, but what a mine to draw from when older grown. The Sabbath day with those old patriarchs was strictly kept, but in those days they had no autos, nor pikes down which to fly to attend the services of the church. Wishing you and all the good folks a joyous time, long to be remembered, during your centennial,

I am Yours truly,
Lee L. Martz.

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