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This page lists the history of the Apple Creek United Methodist Church. This list includes pastors, secretaries, teachers and more.

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Photo at right is our Apple Creek United Methodist Church, built in 1888.

The original structure (left side of photo) is more than125 years old. Long Hall, (right side of photo) was added in 1997 under the guidance of Reverend Ron Hardman.

Long Hall was designed by lifetime member, Herbert Long. This large addition is a multi-purpose addition, used for meetings, dinners, a gymnasium and concert hall.

A completed basement and kitchenette are beneath. Also in 1997 the churches three levels became totally handicap accessible. An elevator was added and an enlarged tri-level parking facility was completed.

Pastor Ron retired while serving in Apple Creek due to health problems. He passed away October 16th, 2001. Pastor Ron's wife, Loretta, and his son Charles (Karen and family), are still an active part of our Apple Creek United Methodist Church.  

Sin, earth, and hell I now defy; I lean upon my Savior's breast:  I rest beneath the Almighty's shade; My grieves expire, my troubles cease:  Thou, Lord, on whom my soul is stayed, Wilt keep me still in perfect peace.

Me for Thine own Thou lov'st to take, In time and in eternity;
Thou never, never wilt forsake, A helpless soul that trusts in Thee.

(Above:  Two verses from the hymn "His Mercy and Grace": Wesley, 1740.)

** The notes in red italic below are inserted for timeline aspect. **

* 1729: Methodism was started in England by John Wesley. It was enthusiastic and designed for the common man. It's tenet was "Holiness is a practical way of life and can be attained in the midst of life".

Francis Asbury, at age 26, was appointed to go to America about 1770. During the Revolution many Methodist leaders were suspected Tories and left the country, but shortly thereafter lay ministers and circuit riders began spreading the Methodist movement westward along the frontier.

The organizational system of the Methodists lent itself to our new, developing country. Twelve persons with a lay leader became a "class". Two "classes" could join to form a "society". Circuits were formed for ministers to travel, serving up to 20 classes or societies. When a society became large enough to have a full-time minister, it became a "station". At least 12 stations were enough to be formed into a "district" with a superintendent. Two or more districts could become a "conference" and have a bishop.

* 1776: Our Declaration of Independence was signed.  signaled the birth of our nation.

* 1787:  Delaware became the first state to be admitted to the Union of United States of America. Pennsylvania became the second, New Jersey was the third. These three states were all admitted to our Union in December of 1787. 

* 1803:  Ohio became the 17th state.

* 1812:  After the War of 1812 this area became open for settlement. By 1820 there were less than a half-dozen Methodist families settled around Edinburgh, which was laid out in 1832. By then, "classes" here would have been in the Wayne Circuit, Lancaster District, Ohio Conference. By 1833 it was put in the Wooster Circuit, Wooster district.

* 1815:  Reverend Thomas Hughes, assisted by Reverend James Adams, organized this church in the fall of 1815 with 30 charter members. The Edinburg Church was formally organized in the fall of 1815. Services were held irregularly in an old grist mill situated on the banks of Apple Creek at the west end of Edinburg. This mill was in later years converted into a woolen factory.

* 1817: The congregation built its first church building in the summer of 1817. It was a log building, and it was located on the south-west corner of a three acre plat of ground, which later, or on Dec. 4, 1820, was donated by the owners to the Trustees of Apple Creek Presbyterian Church, "to the only proper use and benefit of said Trustees, and for the use and benefit of a school district forever." The donors were John Cheney and wife, one acre, and Casper Langell and wife, two acres. The Trustees were Isaac Burnett, das. Cunningham, William Cunningham, Emanuel Brown and Samuel Orr. A portion of this plat of ground was used as a cemetery, the first burial being Elder James Bingham ,who died in 1819.  Note: from the book "History of the Apple Creek Presbyterian Church, 1815 - 1915"

** The notes in red italic below are inserted for timeline aspect. **

* 1820 - 1829:  Reverend Thomas Barr was pastor.  Thomas Barr, was born April 2, 1775 at Derry, Westmore- land county, Pa. When he was about three years old his father, Col. Alexander Barr, was called to serve in the Revolutionary War, and took his family to his wife's father's family, near Fort Loudon, Franklin County, Pa. Here Thomas went to school.  Mr. Barr was a man of talent, a good sound theologian, an acceptable preacher, and a faithful, laborious pastor. And God blessed his labors.

Mr. Barr labored efficiently from 1820 to 1829. There were encouraging additions to the church throughout his pastorate. We have no records of any kind during the pastorate of Mr. Barr, but from what is known of Mr. Barr's intelligence and faithfulness we cannot doubt that he instructed and trained his people to give cheerfully of their substance to the Lord. There was but little money in circulation in those days. Yet we know that it was in 1823, under Mr. Barr's leadership, that the second house of worship, the "brick church," was erected (see next paragraph). We have good authority for saying that his salary was about $200 a year for one half of his time, payable partly in money and partly in produce.
 See note 3 and note 4 near bottom of this page.

* 1823: The year of the Monroe Doctrine.  US President James Monroe delivered a speech to the U.S. Congress, announcing a new policy of forbidding European interference in the Americas and establishing American neutrality in future European conflicts.

* 1823:  The 20 year brick church era: Under Reverend Barr's guidance a new brick church was erected on the northeast corner of Old Cemetery land.  A brick church, 48' by 36' was built. It had board seats and backs, each member providing his own. For two years the floor was sand, then boards were laid down. It was to serve for twenty years.

Sabbath School: Early in the history of the church, in 1823 the records say, a Sabbath School (our present day Sunday School?) was organized in the Apple Creek Church by Rev. Mr. Bair. It was literally a Bible School, as at the time there were no lesson helps published. Earnest Christian men and women conducted the school as they best knew.

This Sabbath School page contains many, many, of our Sunday School class photos and names, you may recognize someone. Click here; to see our 1823 Sabbath School names and photos page.

* 1830:  Construction is begun on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad between Baltimore and Ellicott's Mills, Maryland, the first public railroad in the U.S.

* 1835: Local Methodists bought a house in Edinburgh next to the bridge on the north side of the road (It would be almost in the creek by now). It was purchased from John Cheyney by Trustees Thophilus Philips, Jacob Franks, Allen Smith, Thomas Davis, and John Garlock.

* 1837:   Michigan becomes a state.

* 1838: The Wooster circuits now included Edinburgh, Moreland, Fredericksburg, Millbrook, Clinton and others, being in the Wooster District of the Michigan Conference.

* 1841 - 1849:  Reverend Joseph Wylie  led the church for eight years.

The Apple Creek congregation
met on August 16th, 1841 and decided to employ Reverend Joseph S. Wylie as Stated Supply with a view to his becoming their settled pastor. They decided to give him a salary of $450 per year.

It was during Reverend Wylie's pastorate that the congregation secured their third church building. lt  was a large frame building on the Presbyterian Cemetery property (see photo above). It served as our church from 1843 to 1888.  see note 4 near bottom of this page . . .

Also mentioned as leaders of our church during the 1841 to 1849 time period were
T. A. Kellum, W. B. Disbro and Thomas Barkdall.

*  Interesting letter from Mr. Lee E. Martz of Bluffton Indiana.  (Likely written in the late 1800s).   Click here to read Mr. Martz's letter . . .

* 1844:  May 24, The first electrical telegram was sent by Samuel F. B. Morse from the U.S. Capitol to the B&O Railroad "outer depot" in Baltimore, Maryland, saying "What hath God wrought".


* 1844: According to historian O. F. Wisner, the Edinburgh society was organized in 1844 with 20 members. The families were: Bevington, Biggs, Brown, Daniels, Franks, Lyons, Philips, Dr. Sapp, Sweeny, Wisner, Wyre, and Yocum.

* 1844:  Reverend Rolla Chubb.  Under the guidance of Pastor Chubb, the Edinburg Methodist Church was organized in 1844 with 20 members. Pastor Chubb also had, in his circuit, Fredericksburg, Moreland, and Millbrook churches. In 1847 the Edinburg Methodist Church bought and remodeled a house to serve as a church. It stood just west and a couple hundred feet north of the bridge in Edinburg (Apple Creek Road, south of the present Troyer's Bakery.)

* 1844: Edinburgh was put into the Fredericksburg Circuit along with Fredericksburg, Moreland, and Millbrook. This was in the Wooster District, North Ohio Conference. Wooster became a station this same year. 

* 1848:  California gold rush. Because of this gold rush California became our 31st state in 1850.  Due to our lust for gold, California became a state before 19 other western states were admitted into our Union. New Mexico and Arizona were not admitted into the Union until 1912, 62 years after California became a state.

* 1846 to 1865: Ministers serving were: Daniel Conant 1846, P. Sharp 1847, John Mitchell 1848-49, Wm Nickerson 1850-51, Dan D. T. Matterson 1852-53, Charles B. Brandebury 1854-55, Joseph F. Kennedy 1856-57, John S. Cutter 1858-59, Charles D. Lacky 1860, John McNabb 1861, Wesley B. Farrah 1862-63, James Elliot 1864-65.

* 1861: U.S. Civil War. The events of early 1861 persuaded President Lincoln to ask Congress for a declaration of war on those states in rebellion against the Federal Government. The Congress is granted the Constitutional authority to declare war in Article I, section 8.

** These notes in red italic are inserted for timeline aspect. **

* 1860 - 1864:  Ministers serving were:  Charles D. Lakey 1860 - 1861,  John McNabb 1860 - 1861Wesley B. Farrah  1862 - 1864.  see note 1 near bottom of this page.

* 1864: By 1864 the old house (see 1844) had become obsolete and activity had moved uptown to the railroad. The Society met in a dry-goods store in Apple Creek Station owned by Z. L. Numbers which later became the Drug Store.

* 1869:  Subscriptions were taken to build a new church, at a cost of $3890, on a lot bought from Noah Brown. It stood west of the present school. It was built by John Senff, dedicated in 1869 at which meeting a reported 100 persons joined the church. This church served us for the next 77 years.  It was located between our present church and the Elementary School. It was sold to the American Legion in 1946.  The American Legion used it for 20 years then sold it to the Board of Education (BoE). It was razed in 1968. The property is still owned by the BoE.   
       see photos of this church  below . . .  (these photos provided by Larry and Mary Lou Hackett)


* 1866 - 1871:  Ministers serving were: Newell Close 1866-67, Osmond Card 1868-69 (when the church was built),  Gleason Reeder 1870-71.

* 1867:  Alaska was purchased from Russia for about 2 cents an acre. Alaska was not a state in 1867 but a U. S, territory.  Alaska became a state 92 years later, in 1959.

* 1869: "The Golden Spike" was driven, completing our first transcontinental railroad.

* 1869:  Most of Edinburgh, Ohio was annexed into the Village of Apple Creek.

* 1870:  Susan B. Anthony (b-1820, d-1906) was a prominent American civil rights leader who played a pivotal role in the 19th century women's rights movement to introduce women's suffrage into the United States.

*1871: Fredericksburg, Moreland, and Schmuck's (south of Guerne on the Shaffter Farm) were included into the Fredericksburg Circuit.

* 1872 - 1873:  G. A. Peters and Mr. Lee as associate.  A parsonage was built just east of the present church. Solomon Firestone was a major donor. see note 1 and 4near bottom of this page.

* 1874 - 1880:  Apple Creek and Moreland formed one circuit. Maysville was a third member between 1877 and 1880.  see note 1 and 4 near bottom of this page.

* 1874 - 1900:  Ministers serving were: 
Philip Kelser 1874-75, J. T. McCartney 1876 - 1878, S. R. Clark  1878 - 1879, W. W. Bailey 1879 - 1880J. J. Phiper 1880 - 1882,  B. F. Bell  1882-83E. L. Warner 1883, James P. Mills 1885, Thomas Scantlebury 1886-89, Elton Barnet 1890-94, M. T. Scarborough 1895-96, H. P. Palmer 1897-1900see note 1 near bottom of this page.

* 1881:  Clara Barton created the Red Cross.

* 1886-89:  An interesting article on Reverend Scantlebury's life was sent to us thru our website by his great granddaughter, Joanne Auth. 

Click here to read Mrs. Auth's email

* 1898:  U.S. annexes Hawaii as a US territory.

* 1901 - 1906:  Reverend C.D. Patterson.  Under Reverend Patterson we became a station with a full-time minister.

* 1902: The church building was repaired and an addition was built on the east side at a cost of $3400. (see photos of this church under date 1869)

* 1903:  Wright brothers first flight.
* 1903:  Ford Motor Company formed.

** The notes in red italic are inserted for timeline aspect. **

* 1906 to 1926: Ministers serving were:  Ed. F. Wood 1906-08,  J. B. Ferguson 1908-09,
 T. L. McConnell 1910-13,  R. W. Gardiner 1913-18,  R. M. Yoder 1918-21, H. M. Willis  1921-23, W. M. Brown 1923-25,  Earl L. Lea 1925-26.
see notes 2 and 4 near bottom of this page.

* 1908: Membership had reached 234. Names among the active members were Stauffer, Clouse, Shultz, Biddle, Maurer, Swan, Wisner, West, Koehler, Munson, Studer,  Ober, Pfouts, Graber, Langell, Reichenbach, Hess, Nixon, Reider, Dodez, Tasker and LaChat.

* 1908:  Ford's Model T appears on market.

* 1926: The Federated period:
 Dwindling enrollments and rural hard times of the 1920s pushed an idea that had been in the minds of leaders for years. Namely that a unified church in Apple Creek would further the cause of the Gospel, and surely the will of God. Leaders from the three churches held meetings and decided to combine the Presbyterian Church with 209 members and the Methodists with 256 members into the Apple Creek United Church. (This church later became the Apple Creek United Methodist Church.)

** The notes in red italic below are inserted for timeline aspect. **

This union was effected on May 1st 1926, the day when the first services were held in the Presbyterian building under a full slate of officers: Organist Mrs. Allie McCarthey, Chorister Clarence Hackett, Treasurer Ruben Pfouts, Finance Secretary Vern Smedley, Head Usher Corwin Swan, Sunday School Superintendent Charles Studer, Assistant SS Superintendent Lester Martin, Secretary Florence Knoble, Assistant Secretary Ruth Howell, Assistant Treasurer Perry Stauffer, Pianist Mrs. Marie Yates, Assistant Chorister Roscoe Miller, Orchestra Leader Len Graber, Reverend Randolph (Presbyterian) and Reverend Humbert (Methodist) were the ministers.

* Later in 1926:  Reverend Joseph W. Cleland.  In 1926 the Conference sent Reverend Cleland to serve the Federation. He was a dynamic Christian with lots of enthusiasm, a perfect man for the task.

* 1927:  Charles Lindbergh makes first trans-Atlantic flight.

* 1927:  Storm clouds appeared on the horizon despite renewed interest and increased attendance and funding. The higher officials of the denominations had mixed feelings about the merger as did some of the local Presbyterians who had voted against the issue. As a result, presbytery enacted a resolution that the Presbyterians who had joined the Methodists could come back into the Presbyterian building as Presbyterian or be dismissed. Undaunted, all but about 40 of the Presbyterian stayed in the Federated Church, which was now forced to move back into the smaller, older building. At this point the Calvary Presbyterian Church was formed. It functioned in the Presbyterian building until 1945 with 40 plus members.
 see notes 2 and 3 near bottom of this page.

* 1931:  102 story Empire State Building completed in New York City.
* 1937:   The Golden Gate Bridge was completed in San Francisco.

* 1932 to 1946: Ministers serving were: Addison Reavely 1932-35,

* 1939:   Germany invades Poland, starting World War II.

Pastor Edward Spence 1933-43Pastor Spence was Mayvene Hartel's father. Click here for more on Pastor Spence, with photo.

* 1941:  Our Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Naval base attacked by Japan.

Alfred Burkhart 1945-46. During the term of Alfred Burkhart the Presbytery decided to disband the faltering Calvary Presbyterian Church and deed the building back to the Apple Creek united Church, with half interest to the Methodists. Before the return to our present church, the Alter and Choir lofts now in use were installed. The old Methodist building (between our present church building and the elementary School) was sold to the American Legion. After 20 years of use, they sold it to the Board of Education. It was razed in 1968. 

* 1945:  World War II ends with the surrender of Japan.

* 1946-'48: Rev. Howard Hilberry   1946, our latest building move (as of 7/10/2013). When
the Calvary Presbyterian church was disbanded in 1946, the United Church moved into their vacant building (photo at right) at 269 Main Street, but not before remodeling the alter and choir lofts. This is our present building.  Reverend Alfred Burkhart and Reverend Howard Hillberry were ministers during the planning and dedicating stages

Email from Carol Yoder, April 28th, 2011:
Good morning, Dan,  Just thought I would tell you that I just scanned through the history page that you did.... So interesting!  And I thought I would share this with you,  Reverend Howard Hilberry (1946-1948) performed the wedding ceremony of my parents,...Clarabelle and Harold Musselman on Christmas Day in 1947.    Carol Yoder

* 1948 to 1962: Ministers serving were: Earl Barthlow 1948-55,  Reverend John Haney 1955-59,  (Bob Cutting remembers Pastor Haney). Theodore Paul 1959-62
see note 2 near bottom of this page.

* 1957: Jim Burkholder and Reda Swinehart Burkholder were married August 18th, 1957 by Reverend John Haney. Jim, a Korean War veteran, passed away in January 1996. After Korea, Jim became a lumber grader for Hip Lumber in Millersburg, his father was principal of Apple Creek schools for several years. Jim's mother played piano for silent movies. Reda remains an active member of ACUMC (2013). See Reverend Haney above.

* 1955: Rosa Parks is known as the mother of the civil rights movement and she is remembered for the day in Dec. 1955 when she refused to give up her seat to a white man and move to the back of the bus. For this act of courage in the name of racial justice she was later honored by the Womenís Hall of Fame.

* 1959:  Hawaii and Alaska admitted to union as states.

* 1962 - 1968:  Reverend Charles McCoy.  In 1964 plans were designed to renovate the building. Cables were installed in our church ceiling  to correct the slipping of upper beams. A flat ceiling was installed to cover the cables. The old vaulted ceilings were gone. Also a new roof, new foundation, new steeple, and folding doors to partition the basement for classrooms. An office was included. The cost was $57,000. Reverend Charles McCoy was minister at the time. The church was incorporated in 1964.

* 1968:  On April 23, 1968, delegates from the Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren (EUB) churches voted to merge their denominations into the United Methodist Church at a Uniting Conference in Dallas.

* 1968 - 1970*:  Reverend Glenn Thompson. Mabel added Pastor Thompson. She said that he followed Pastor McCoy but she wasn't sure of the actual dates he served.  verified in note 2 near bottom of this page.

* 1970 - 1975: Dr. Mellville WohrleyIn the term of dr. Wohrley plans were made to dissolve the Federation and become allied with but one denomination in the interest of efficiency. This had been proposed and voted down several years previously. This time it passed and the United Church became the United Methodist Church of Apple Creek, a full fledged Methodist Church. New  pews and new carpet as well signified that a new era had begun.

* 1973:  Nixon resigns over Watergate scandal.

* 1974: the United Methodist Church was created.
Following 42 years of being a Federated Church, the congregation voted to become a United Methodist Church. The new congregation began officially in January 1974. On January 13th,1974, Francis E. Kearns, resident Bishop of the East Ohio Conference, assisted by Dr. Roland Carter, District Superintendent of the Wooster District  and Dr. Melville Wohrley, pastor of the church, lead the congreation in a special service of unification. 

* 1975 - 1979: Reverend David Martin.
  Click here for more about
                                  Reverend Martin with photos of his family.

* 1977: Elvis Presley passed away at his home in Graceland.

* 1978:  Marianne Corbin became church secretary in 1978. She remained secretary until January of 2000.

* 1979:  Malfunction at Three Mile Island nuclear reactor in Pennsylvania, no injuries.

* 1979 - 1985:   Reverend Jeffrey Matthews  Gary DeVault was the church organist and great friend.   Click here for more.

* 1983: 
A three octave set of Bells were purchased and played for the first time for the Christmas Service.

* 1983:  The World Wide Web was created by British engineer
               and computer scientist, Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

* 1982:  United Singles Group was formed. Singles by death, choice or divorce. All denominations form the group. See note 3 near bottom of this page.

* 1984:  Joanna Lance, a Student Director of Christian Education was hired.

* 1985 to 1990: Reverend Charles Sellers
Mabel added Pastor Sellers to our list. She said that he followed Pastor Matthews.  Click here for more.

* 1990:  The Hubble Space Telescope was launched during a mission of the
               Space Shuttle "Discovery".


* 1990 - 1993:  Reverend Dan Jenkins.

* 1991:  President Bush and Russian president Boris Yeltsin meet at Camp David and formally declare an end to the cold war.

** The notes in red italic are inserted for timeline aspect. **

* 1993 - 1997:  Reverend Ron Hardman. In 1995 a building campaign was conducted and on June 2, 1996, voted on and agreed that we would add an elevator, handicap facilities, and a new two story addition. on the south side of our present building. The cost of the new structure was to be $300,000.

Members of the Long Hall building committee were: Bill Graff,  Dave Snider,  Lisa Gessel,  Arlin Phillips,  Barry Coleman,  Dale Bowers,  Bob Gessel,  Robin Long,  Jess Thomas,  Ann Cutter,  Sandi Merckle,  Tim Snider,  Herb Long,  Jim Vacha,  Bonnie Dodez,  Rick Kaufman,  Charlie Hardman,  Dale Knox and  Reverend Rondal Hardman.

Construction of the new building began in 1996. Member, Herbert Long, did the architectural plans and Ivan weaver was the contractor. The addition was completed in May, 1997. The parking lot was enlarged and completely blacktopped and the grounds were completely landscaped. Consecration and dedication of the building was held on June 29th, 1997. The new fellowship hall was named the "H. W. Long Fellowship Hall".

Pastor Ron retired while serving in Apple Creek due to health problems. He passed away October 16th, 2001.  Pastor Ron's  wife, Loretta, and his son Charles (Karen and family), are still an active part of our Apple Creek United Methodist Church. 

* 1997:  Reverend Lynn Garth, Interim pastor.

* 1999:  Pastor Ken Gifford.

* 2000:  Marianne Corbin retired as church secretary in January after 22 years of service. She served as secretary thru seven ministers.

* 1999 - 2002:  Dr. R.A. Budd Grindstaff. Note from David Munn, 5/10/2013:  Rev. Budd Grindstaff passed away (sadly he was stricken at church) in late fall of 2001. I came to ACUM Church in Dec. 2001 and the pulpit was filled for a few Sundays until Feb. 2002 by a retired minister. I donít remember his name. Then in an unusual move Rev. Karen Oehl was moved over from the two point charge at Marshalville and a small church at Easton to be the full time Pastor at Apple Creek UMC in February 2002. Rev. Oehl served ACUM from February 2002 to June 2006.

ACUM Church had received a double measure of sorrow in the fact that retired pastor Rev. Hardman and appointed pastor Rev. Grindstaff passed away in mid and late fall of 2001 respectively. The District Superintendent and Bishop moved Rev. Oehl earlier than the traditional moves at the end of June to help heal the wounds.

Received in an email from David Munn. Quote: "I joined Apple Creek United Methodist Church on Pentecost 2002 and Patricia and I were married with Rev. Karen Oehl officiating on August 31, 2002." end quote       David Munn.

* 2001:  9/11/2001, Both skyscrapers of our World Trade Center were destroyed by terrorists. We, in the United States have been struck on our own soil, showing that terrorism is a new major threat for the 21st century. 

Proverbs 10:9.  Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out.

* 2002 to 2006:  Pastor Karen Oehl.
Pastor Oehl is now DS, Mid-Ohio District.
                                                                            Click here for more, with photos.

* 2006 to 2010:  Pastor Jim Cooper  Our Apple Creek United Methodist Church was under the guidance of Pastor Jim.  He transferred to the Caldwell, Ohio United Methodist Church in 2010.  Click for photos . . .

* 2010 to June 2014:  Pastor Sam Troyer.  Will pursue a career in education 
Click here for more with photos.

* May 2014: Pastor Dennis Rinehart will serve as interim pastor from May 19th until June 30th when Pastor Kenn Curren will begin his appointment with the Apple Creek UMC family. Pastor Dennis will cover preaching and pastoral care plus office hours as needed during his six weeks with us.  Click for more.

* July, 2014 to Present: Pastor Kenn Curren joins our Apple Creek United Methodist Church family. Pastor Kenn is currently serving as minister of both Holmesville UMC and Mount Hope UMC until June 30th.  Click for more.

NOTE #1 from above:   This information is from a book  "Apple Creek M. E. Church, 1820 - 1909"  written by Reverend John B. Ferguson in 1909. I have a copy of this book containing more information, including many photographs. Email me if you need more data for any of these church leaders.

NOTE #2 from above:  This information was obtained from an interesting and very informative hand typed (no computer typing here) document "History of the Apple Creek (Edinburg) M. E. Church". Author unknown, date unknown. This document appears to have been written in about 1980 while our church was under the direction of Pastor Jeff Matthews. I have a copy of this document. Could this seven page document have been typed by secretary Marianne Corbin?

NOTE #3 from above:  This information was from "History of our Church" an article written by Richard Smith (ACUMC Historian) in the 1984 ACUMC Directory. This information was furnished by Jim and Eva Henry.

NOTE #4 from above: This information is from the book "History of the Apple Creek Presbyterian Church 1815 - 1915".  Thanks to Mary Lou and Larry Hacket for providing this book for me to read.

Please bookmark our website and check back often. 

We try to be as accurate as possible when offering this information. This web page covers our church history back into the early 1800s. There are gaps, overlaps and "unsure" areas. Different books and sources may offer slightly different dates and/or information. We've inserted notes referring to the original books and/or documents where possible.

We are always looking for new ACUMC information. If you have any photos, dates, or corrections about our past history, email me and I'll get it added or corrected here.  Thanks, Dan Dalrymple, ACUMC web maintenance.

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