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Thanks to Larry and Mary Lou Hackett, we offer this new page on September 6th, 2013.

Larry and Mary Lou loaned me their book, "History of the Apple Creek Presbyterian Church 1815 to 1915".  This book was published in 1915.

Most of the information below is from this book.

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Early in the history of the church, 1823 the records say, a Sabbath School was organized in the Apple Creek Church by Rev. Mr. Bair. It was literally a Bible School, as at the time there were no lesson helps published. Earnest Christian men and women conducted the school as they best knew.  The devotional exercises of the school consisted of the singing of hymns and Psalms, prayer and reading of the lesson or other portions of the Scripture.

The record for the School for April 0, 1873, states that the School met to organize, evidently having been closed for the winter. The following officers were elected by ballot:  Superintendent.—Isaiah Dunlap, Assistant Superintendent.—Elias Numbers Jr., Treasurer and Librarian—Mrs. Isaiah Dunlap, Chorister—Jos. Armstrong, Assistant Chorister—A. W. Merriman.

FLORA JOHNSON'S Sabbath School class. Class Name, Searchlight.
Upper row- Mrs. A. W. Heeler, Mrs. Knowles Reed, Mrs. Jennie Jameson. Mrs. J. M. Jennings, Mrs. Laura Jameson. Mrs. Dr. Jameson, Mrs. K. R. Beazell, Mrs. Elsworth Bevington.

Second row- Mrs. Hertha Thompson, Mrs. Ora Miller, Mrs. Karl Brown, Flora Johnson, Mrs. Ella Derr, Mrs. Mary E, Dunham, Miss Orilla Badger.

Third row—Mrs. Dudley Orr, Mrs. A. W. Studor, Mrs. Minnie Moore, Miss Bessie Jameson, Mrs. \V. T. Jacot.

Class motto: The spirit scarcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God.

(If you need a larger, clearer copy of any of these photos, I can email one to you. ,  Dan)


Upper row—Clair Douglas. Paul Emerson, Harrold Hackett. Orlo Emerson, Homer Badger, Alfred Blanc, Ray Mantles, Cloice Orr.

Middle row—Clarence Keller, Ralph Leathers, Paul Derr, Emma Ober, teacher, Harry Leathers, Robert B Jameson.

Lower row—Vallies Brown, James Beazell, Rene Orr, Russcl Martin, Walter Brinkerhofl', Homer Thompson, George Leathers,
Randall Ross Jameson.

(If you need a larger copy of any of these photos, I can email an 8x10 to you.  Dan, )


HENRY JACOT's Sabbath School class . . .

Standing—Leonard Clouse, Robert Culberson, Allen Martin, William Jacot, Harry Hlndman, Clarence Orr, Lester Martin.

Sitting—James L. Conrad, A. W. Studer, Henry Jacot. Vernon Lemmon, Boyd Derr, Walter Martin.

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During the pastorate of Dr. Hackett, two classes of Normal Bible study were conducted, for which diplomas were given. More than thirty Bibles were given to those who repeated the Shorter Catechism perfectly at one sitting. Rev. Mr. Hover also conducted a Normal Class for Bible study, as did Rev. D. H. Johnston, the following pastor.

The superintendents who have served the school, so far as can be learned, are as follows: Wm. Orr, Abijah Cary, Alexander Bingham, Amos Brown, Silas Dunlap, Milton Brown, Andrew Moore, AVm. Jackman, Sinclair Johnson, Elias Numbers, Isaiah Dunlap, James Patterson, Rollin Merriman, Alvin Clay, Frank Beazell, Dr. Ceo. S. Hackett, Will Jacot, L. J. Smedley and Lester Martin.

Some of the earlier teachers were: Abijah Cary, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred McClure, Mrs. Margaret .1ameson, Mrs. Anderson, Sinclair Hatfield, Robert Hackett, Daniel Langell, Robert Moore, J. R. Patterson, Caroline Hamaker, Elmira Hamaker, Hannah Preston, Miss McClure, and Miss Belle Ross, (now Mrs. C. M. Vocum of Wooster). The teachers appointed in 1872 were: V. S. Johnson, Alexander Culbcrtson, L. L. Martz, J .R. Dunlap, J. R. Moore, E. B. Franks. A. Clark, Mary Brown, Mrs. R. C. Pinkerton, Esther Armstrong, Mary B. Johnson, Mrs. Mell Martz, Miss L .T. Clark, and Prof. Hibben Cheney, who was a public school teacher here. Total membership of the school, 181.

The teachers appointed in 1891 were: J. R. Patterson, Mr. Julius Jacot, Mrs. Harris Jameson, Mrs. Jackman, Grace Langell, Ada Jameson, and Mrs. Elizabeth Moore. About that time Mr. Reed and Sadie Patterson were teachers. Those appointed to teach in 1900 were Mr. Patterson, Henry Jacot, Mrs. Geo. S. Hackett, David Jacot, Della Nixon, Della Watters, Elizabeth Keslar and Hester Wisner. Other teachers in recent years were: Mrs. E. D. Johnson, Clark E. Bryan and Retta Lechot. The present teachers are Flora Johnson, Henry Jacot, Mrs. Dora Shaffer, F. R. Beazell, J. M. .1ennings, Emma Ober, Sue Rife, Mrs. J. S. Cotton and Hester Wisner, who has had charge-of the Primary Depart- ment since the pastorate of Rev. Mr. Verner. She is now assisted in this department by Helen Beeler. The names of pastors, who have usually been teachers, have been omitted, as the record is so incomplete.

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