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History of Apple Creek United Methodist Church.

Photo at right is our Apple Creek United Methodist Church, built in 1888. The original structure (left side of photo) is more than125 years old. Long Hall, (right side of photo) was added in 1997 under the guidance of Reverend Ron Hardman. This addition was designed by lifetime member, Herbert Long. It's a large multi-purpose addition, used for meetings, dinners, gymnasium and concerts. A completed basement and kitchenette are beneath. Also in 1997 the churches three levels became totally handicap accessible. An elevator was added and an enlarged tri-level parking facility was completed.

Pastor Ron retired while serving in Apple Creek due to health problems. He passed away October 16th, 2001. Pastor Ron's wife, Loretta, and his son Charles (Karen and family), are still an active part of our Apple Creek United Methodist Church.  

Roots of our church go back to the earliest settlement of Wayne County, in the town of Edinburgh Ohio (* see note below), as the Edinburg Society. Services were originally held in a grist mill, later in a log cabin which doubled as a school. This log cabin was located where the Apple Creek Ford Garage is now. (The Edinburg Methodist Church wasn't created until 1844 with 20 members.)

In 1823 a brick church was erected on the southeast corner of the Old Cemetery land. Reverend Thomas Barr was the first pastor. Twenty years later (1843) a larger wooden structure was built. At that time, a membership of 342, the largest in the Presbytery, was enrolled. Reverend Joseph Wylie was the minister when this church was built. It served the congregation until 1888 when the present building was constructed at a total cost of $8,000. Reverend L. F. Laverty was the pastor at that time. The debt was paid off in three years.

The Edinburgh Methodist Church was organized in 1844, with 20 members. Reverend Rolla Chubb served as Pastor, having also in his circuit Fredericksburg, Moreland, and Millbrook churches.  In 1847 we bought and remodeled a house to serve as a church. It stood west and a couple hundred feet to the north of the bridge (Apple Creek Road?) on a spot where the creek channel now runs. The building became inadequate and for a few years services were held in a second story hall above a dry goods store located  where City Hall is now. In 1869 another new church was built on State Route 250, between Apple Creek Elementary School and our present church building. This building cost $3,900 to build. Reverend Osmend Card served at that time.  In 1902 repairs and additions were added at a cost of $3,400 were made to the building during the ministry of Reverend C.D. Patterson. In this year the church had a full time minister. It's members totaled 234.

The Apple Creek United Church, Federated, was formed in 1926. Reverend Joseph Cleland conducted the services in the Presbyterian building for a time, then in the Methodist building after the Calvary Presbyterian church was formed. Reverend Edward Spence was the minister. The Methodist building was sold to the American Legion who used it for twenty years then sold it to the school board. It was razed in 1968.

  1946: Our latest building move  Our 1945 church  was located next door to our present building, between our present church and the Apple Creek Elementary School. When the Calvary Presbyterian church was disbanded in 1946, we purchased their church (our present church). The United Church (not United Methodist until 1968) moved into our present building (photo at right) at 269 Main Street, but not before remodeling the alter and choir lofts. Reverend Alfred Burkhart and Reverend Howard Hillberry were ministers during the planning and dedicating stages.

Our previous building was sold to the American Legion, who used it for twenty years, then sold it to the school board. 
(Last two paragraphs entered on 6/12/2013)

In 1957 cables were installed to correct the slipping of upper beams. A flat ceiling was installed to cover the cables. The old steeple became a hazard necessitating its removal.

In 1964 plans were made to improve the present building with a new foundation, roof, a new steeple. and folding doors to partition the the basement hall for classrooms. An office was included. The cost was $57,000. Reverend charles McCoy was the minister at the time.

In 1974 the congregation became a single denomination by a vote of the members. Affiliation with the Methodists was chosen. Reverend Melville Wohrley remained as the minister. new pews and carpet for the sanctuary gave a new look to the interior when installed in November  of 1974.

In 1975 Reverend David Martin was selected to serve as pastor. During his pastorate the stained glass windows were restored to their old beauty and a new heating system was installed. In 1975 our church building was located at 19 Clay Street, in Apple Creek.

In September of 1977 the congregation voted to buy a new parsonage at 9127 Emerson Road with the old parsonage being sold in October of 1977 and the amount being applied to the purchase of the new parsonage. The balance of the new parsonage was paid off in three years.  .

  More Highlights below . . .

  1844:  The Apple Creek United Methodist Church originated in the town of Edinburgh Ohio (* see note below), as the Edinburg Society.  The Society first met in a house purchased by five Methodist families in 1835.  This church was under the guidance of Reverend Rolla Chubb. Reverend Chubb also had, in his circuit, Fredericksburg, Moreland, and Millbrook churches.

1869:  The Edinburg Society outgrew its facility, and in 1869 the First Methodist Church was dedicated in what is now Apple Creek Ohio.  This church (west of the present school) was enlarged in 1902.

  1926:  Due to the dwindling enrollments and hard times in 1926 the Edinburg Methodist Church and the Presbyterian Church combined to form the  Apple Creek United Church.  This church met in the Presbyterian building (our present church building) which was built in 1888. 

  1964,  parishioners dug out a full basement.  This added a Fellowship Hall, and Sunday School rooms. 

1968,   the United Methodist Church was created by the union of The Evangelical United Brethren Church and The Methodist Church.

  1973: The United Church survived several building moves and other problems until 1973.  Under the direction of Dr. Melville Wohrley, the combined congregation voted to become one denomination, and the Apple Creek United Methodist Church was formed. 

1983,  a three octave set of Bells was purchased and played for the first time during the Christmas Service. 

1997,  Long Hall was added. It's a large addition, designed with a cathedral ceiling.  Long Hall is a large multi-purpose room used for meetings, dinners, and a church gymnasium.  A completed basement and kitchenette are beneath.  Also in 1997 the churches three levels became totally handicap accessible.  An elevator was added and an enlarged tri-level parking facility was completed.

2004, our yearly observance of Heritage Sunday changed from April 23 (the day in 1968 when the United Methodist Church was created by the union of The Evangelical United Brethren Church and The Methodist Church) to a date closer to May 24 (the date of Wesley's experience at Aldersgate).  Heritage Sunday calls the Church to remember the past by committing itself to the continuing call of God. It's a time to remember our United Methodist heritage.

* NOTE:   In 1817 Edinburgh Ohio (also spelled Edinburg) was a small Scotch-Irish village in East Union Township, Wayne County Ohio. Edinburg Ohio, now Apple Creek Ohio, was located in the area around the junction of (present) State Route 250 and Apple Creek Road.  The town of Edinburg was settled before Apple Creek but when the Cleveland, Akron and Mt. Vernon Railroad came through in 1854, it crossed (present) State Route 250 a quarter mile southeast of Edinburg (just east of our present Apple Creek Bank building). 

About 1855 the railroad built Apple Creek Station on (present) High Street, now downtown Apple Creek.  The Village of Apple Creek grew from Apple Creek Station and finally reached the town of Edinburg.  Edinburg was eventually surrounded and Apple Creek's name prevailed. The small village of Edinburg became a part of Apple Creek Ohio.

The Cleveland, Akron and Mt. Vernon Railroad served the Village of Apple Creek for over 100 years. The tracks were destroyed during Wayne County's 1969 flood and were never rebuilt. 

The small clear creek, the Railroad Station, and the Village were all named after Johnny Appleseed.  (September 26, 1774 March 18, 1845).  Johnny's real name was John Chapman, a colorful character that spent much of his life planting apple trees in our area.  Apple Creek Village, to this day, holds a popular Johnny Appleseed Festival every summer.  The many apple trees that he planted still decorate our countryside.

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