Apple Creek United Methodist Church
269 W. Main St, P. O. Box 265, 
Apple Creek Ohio 44606, Phone 330-698-3101,

Pastor Kenn Curren
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Our present staff.

Choir, Bell Choir, more.

Apple Creek's history. Our ACUMC building upgrades. Just who is John Chapman?  Whatever happened to Edinburg Ohio? 

An interesting 180 year timeline of our leaders and staff.

New and old photos of ACUMC events. Do you have an interesting photo?  Get it here, we'll post it here.

Mission trips
Pastor Sam's trip to Guatemala, David and Pat Munn's trip to the Holy Land, Doug and Beth Wright, our missionaries in Africa, more.

Our newsletter, 
"The Messenger" and/or our Canal District's
"The Connector". Both are published monthly.

Activities Our Sewing Circle, the Community Food Pantry, Rummage sales, Christmas Food Baskets and more.

ACUMC Photos  MENU page.
Many of these photos date back to the 1800s.

Many are newer, click on a few pages, you'll probably enjoy them.

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Apple Creek United Methodist Church,
Built in 1888 (main section on left of photo). Long Hall (right side of photo) was added in 1997. We're easy to find, plenty of paved parking, handicap accessible.

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Our door are always open. 
Is this really superman?,  more.
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Mother /daughter banquet, fishing?, Who is this?, more.
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Mick and Charlie, Quilters, Reda, Carol, Ed, more.
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Bell Choir, Harvest Dinner, Jingle Bells, more.
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Pastor Budd Grindstaff, Karen and Les, Pastor Kenn Curren and Betty, Bell Choir dinner 1996, more.
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Honoring Grads, photo of Harry and Lois, also Bob, Kaye, Barb, Jake.
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These photos follow the entire construction process of Long Hall in 1996. Long Hall was built under the guidance of Pastor Ron Hardman and designed by lifetime ACUMC member, Herb Long.
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Sam and Bonnie provided these photos from 1964.  They were on old slides so Sam took his projector to church,  projected the slides on a screen while Pastor Sam took pictures of the screen with his digital camera. A trip to Walmart with his memory card provided these prints for our website.
Click here for Photos page 9.
Photos from the early 1900s  If you're local, you may recognize many of these photos, for sure.
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Many of these photos were taken at our combined 2014 combined Thanksgiving service with St. Peters church.
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Pastor Kenn and Betty, Long Hall, Reverend Oehl, Concert photo.
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