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Pastor Kenn Curren
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ACUMC Photos  page 4. Scroll down for more . . .

Below:  1979? Photo of Youth Choir.
Sorry, no information offered on back of photo.

Below:  Another (possibly 1979?) photo of  our Adult Choir.
Sorry, again, no information offered on back of photo.

As I check thru my copies of older ACUMC Directories, I see these Choir robes
in the 1976 and 1984 Directories. Anyone know the  year of these photos?



Left:  Our Adult Bell choir is always happy to perform. Here are a few bell choir ladies waiting to play this morning! Feb 23, 2014.



Below: Matt, Vickie and Ron, helping serve the 2013 Harvest Dinner.




Left: Dennis and Bonnie are always glad to help out. Here they are, busy at the dishwasher at men's harvest dinner 2013.

These photos (page 4) were all taken by Carol Y.





Above:  Mary Lou, Ginny and Kaye





Left: Nancy, David and Harold.









Below and right:
Jingle Bell Shop 2013: A couple of happy customers. Plenty of cookies for everyone . . .



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