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Pastor Kenn Curren
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Above:  Honoring Grads, 5/22/2005, Karen, Stacey, and Charles.
Photo by Marianne

Above: Harry and Lois.  Photo by Marianne

Above:  Adult Choir about 1979?

Above: Bob, Kaye, Barb, Jake. Photo by Marianne
July 13, 1995 on Mark Twain riverboat.

Below: One of God's prettiest creations, an adult Bald Eagle. This large adult Eagle (more than 8 foot wingspan) sat and posed while I took his picture on December 24th, 2013. This eagle was patiently waiting for his lunch to swim past in the open water pool below Mississippi River's Lock and Dam #21 near Quincy Illinois.

Eagles are fish eaters. When the Mississippi River freezes during the winter, they are forced to fish in the unfrozen swirling water pools below the dams. When the river freezes it's common to see several dozen eagles here every day, fishing for food in these  open water pools.

Carol and I were in Quincy, visiting our son, Craig,  during  Christmas 2013. I'm very proud of this photo.
Photo by Dan Dalrymple

Below, right: On the right is Mildred (Meier) Fisher, born in 1912. Mildred was the fourth of nine children. At the age of five she traveled by covered wagon to PA with her family.

After several more moves she graduated from Apple Creek High School in 1932. She Married Donald Fisher, they had five daughters.

She was an active member of ACUMC, taught Sunday School, was very active in United Methodist Women and our Recycled Teenagers group. One of our first ACUMC cookbooks, "Mildred and Friends, Recipes" was dedicated to her. 

Mildred passed away in 2007 at age 95.  Photo by Marianne

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