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Pastor Kenn Curren
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ACUMC Photos  page 8. Scroll down for more . . .

These 1964 photos are from Sam and Bonnie Dodez. They were on slides, popular in the '60s but slides required a projector and a screen to be seen.

So, the problem was . . . how to get  these small slide photos to our ACUMC website. Sam Dodez took the slides to our church, projected them to a screen, then Pastor Sam took pictures of them with his digital camera. He took his camera's memory card to Walmart and made these photos for our website.

In 1964, the main entrance to our Sanctuary was on the northeast corner, not
the northwest corner as it is now. The church looks yellow here, that's just the photo,
I think our church was always white.

Bonnie wrote on the back of this photo, "1964, the new Cross on the front of the church".
The new cross didn't show well, but this shows the northwest door which did not enter the Sanctuary.  (see the first and third photo for a better photo of the Cross). 

Photo at right:
In 1964 our steeple was struck by lightning. It was rebuilt by Bob Flory Construction. This photo shows: (# one), the steeple has been removed, and (# two), it shows a better view of our new (in 1964) Cross on the front face of our church.

These photos all turned out well, considering the way that Sam Dodez and Pastor Sam copied them from slides. Sometimes the dark edge of the movie screen shows on the photo's border (above left and top). Some of these photos seem to have a yellow tint. However, not bad at all for 50 year old photos.


1964, our newly rebuilt steeple, being lifted by crane to be put back where it belongs. Sam Dodez tells me that there were several men in the bell tower, waiting to re-fasten the steeple when it arrives.


Photo on left: Almost in place! I'm sure that the crane operator was being very careful of the high voltage electrical wires (upper thin wires, very dangerous, he must keep 12 feet away). Also note the old style telephone wires in the lower part of the photo. These telephone wires were not dangerous.

Again, we all want to thank Sam and Bonnie for furnishing these 50 year old photos. Thanks to Pastor Sam for figuring out how to get these old slide type photos converted to regular prints that we could put into our website.


Whoa! My, how things change in 50 years! (see next photo)  Here is our church kitchen in 1964! Bonnie wrote on back of this photo, "Kitchen was on west side of basement, the door went into the furnace room". Note the bare exposed light bulbs, small single table, walls need refinished.

hoto below shows a small section of our present bright, modern kitchen.  Or go back to Photo pages 1 and 2 to review the pictures of our present kitchen and our large Long Hall dining area. Our new kitchen is the result of donations and hard labor from many friends and contractors. Thanks especially to Les and our Trustees committee.

Mildred, with her ever-present cup of tea, helping in our bright modern kitchen.
We're not sure who the other two helpers are . . .

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